Grassroots Organizing and Coalition Building

Public Relations and Government Relations Case Study Example: Hunger Free Campus Coalition

The Hunger Free Campus Coalition engaged with Benchmark Strategies for both Public Relations and Government Relations to assist with passing a bill to end hunger on public college campuses in Massachusetts.

Our Work

Benchmark Strategies combined its expertise in government relations and public policy with our experienced team of journalists to work with the Hunger Free Campus Coalition from the legislative angle as well as creating awareness from media coverage.

Benchmark’s government relations team worked hard to not only support the bill, but to garner support from other lawmakers to strengthen the bill in both the House and Senate.Benchmark’s public relations team promoted the bill and the cause through tensive social media campaigns and press conferences to raise awareness of the issue of hunger on college campuses and the solution the Hunger Free Campus Bill offered.


Benchmark Strategies’ combination of government relations and public relations for the Hunger Free Campus Coalition and the Hunger Free Campus Bill garnered exceptional support in both the House and Senate and became attached to the Economic Development Bill. The media strategy supplied by Benchmark’s public relations team was exceptional as many prominent reporters and news stations covered the press conference and the Hunger Free Campus event at Worcester State University.

In 2022, thanks to a funder, the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute had the privilege of working with Benchmark Strategies communications team on our Hunger Free Campus Campaign, co-lead with the Greater Boston Food Bank. Drawing public attention to anti-hunger issues – while also ensuring our low-income household clients have a voice in the media – is always challenging. The Benchmark team was creative, strategic, and proactive in securing media coverage, creating social media opportunities and helping us frame our campaign consistent with the political climate and opportunities. We never had to ask, they were always there with fresh ideas and excellent media contacts

Pat Baker

Senior Policy Advisor, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute