Today, we are proud to celebrate Benchmark Strategies’ 7th Anniversary. Since our launch in 2014, Benchmark has consulted to over 150 companies and organizations from around the globe. During that time, we have built new professional and personal relationships that inspire us in our work and in our lives.

On a day like this, I would like to speak to those people that have spent time thinking and talking about striking out on your own and starting a business. Over the last eighteen months, I have spoken to many incredibly capable, humble, and smart people wanting to begin. Their only hesitation is that they believe it is not the perfect time.

Here is a secret. There is never a perfect time.

I received that advice myself and it was spot on. I spent a year talking with my wife, Natalia and talking to people that had traveled the road of starting a business themselves. Build your business plan and ask people to tear it apart. Set your business and family budgets for the first year. Have confidence in yourself and what you can achieve.

To our clients – beginning with our first partners of City of Gloucester, Snapchef, Just Energy and growing to 165 clients over time. I cannot articulate how much we appreciate you and care about your teams.

Finally, on Benchmark’s 7th Anniversary, I want to thank Natalia and the girls who support me every day and are my world. I also need to spotlight the Benchmark team, Aaron, Nicole, Joe, Sarah, Elysia, and Jessica. I am fortunate to learn from and work with you all.

Looking forward to the days ahead.


Patrick J Bench