BOSTON—Benchmark Strategies announced today that the company will be setting a minimum annual salary to $60,000 for their full-time employees. Benchmark Strategies continues to lead regionally and nationally in providing excellent client services, from international and domestic businesses, large corporations, small businesses, and non-profits. The consulting firm is led by a diverse team with extensive expertise across many industries, including business strategy, government affairs, and media relations.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many companies and industries were significantly impacted. However, Benchmark Strategies pivoted and grew, successfully doubling its staff and tripling its client base in just the last two years. The pandemic revealed and exacerbated costs especially to health care. Since the founding in 2014, the consulting firm prioritized health and wellness for their workforce, covering for 100% of employee health insurance. Setting a minimum salary further ensures that every employee is relieved of any economic pressures that they may be facing.

“This is a business strategy that is not only morally the right thing to do, but also financially transformational for the success of the company and our clients,” said Patrick Bench, Founder and President of Benchmark Strategies. “By supporting our team, we know that this also will only enhance client engagement, as well as talent recruitment and retention.”

Benchmark Strategies began with one client in 2014, and since has consulted to more than 175 companies and organization from around the globe. The new minimum salary of $60,000 is bound to set a trend followed by client service organizations seeking to develop the best teams to support their customers.

“The current talent environment has magnified how greatly the employer brand influences its ability to attract top talent,” said Margot DeMore, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Broad Street Consulting Group. “As a diversity-focused executive search firm, we see the tremendous impact being a recognized industry leader across DEI and compensation can have on hiring and retention. Talent is an organization’s greatest asset; firms like Benchmark Strategies that have supported their workforce with empathy, resources, and providing an inclusive collaborative culture will emerge from the pandemic the strongest.”

Benchmark Strategies is a Boston-based consulting firm that offers expertise and execution for its clients, including public sector business development, state and municipal public affairs to economic development consulting.


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