Patrick Bench


Patrick Bench is the Founder of Benchmark Strategies. In this role, he provides public affairs and lobbying counsel to clients. Patrick specializes in economic development and procurement advisory services. Prior to launching Benchmark Strategies, Patrick served for five years as a Vice President of Public Affairs at Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications.


Preceding Rasky Baerlein, Patrick served for five years in economic development roles in Governor Mitt Romney’s and Governor Deval Patrick’s Administrations, primarily as the Director of Business Development for the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI). During his tenure at MOITI, Patrick managed an $800M foreign investment pipeline and collaborated with over 60 foreign companies to open their North American offices in Massachusetts. In his role, Patrick facilitated bilateral economic partnerships with more than 50 countries.  


Earlier in his career, Patrick held positions at the John Kerry 2004 Presidential Campaign as a National Advance Staffer and at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Mutual Funds Pricing Analyst.

Patrick served as the Chairman of the 10th Annual WorldBoston Consul General Reception with Keynote Speaker, Former Ambassador to United Nations, Susan Rice. Patrick was the former president of WorldBoston Board of Directors and currently serves on the boards of Commonwealth Children’s Center and the Boston Irish Business Association. 

Patrick has been recognized as “US 40 under 40” by the Irish Echo and is an American Council of Young Political Leaders Fellow.


Patrick is a Bachelor of Political Science graduate from Providence College, with a Master of Public Administration from Suffolk University. He lives with his wife and daughters in Boston, Massachusetts.