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Benchmark Resiliency Spotlights – Gloucester Bio

Keeping Our Communities Healthier, Cleaner, and Safer – Gloucester Bio

As states reopen schools and business offices, children resume sporting activities and friends/families celebrate milestones/holidays; local Massachusetts leaders have been forced to put in place new health and safety measures, thus leading to a higher-than-previous demand for hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and surface disinfectant sprays. On Friday October 23rd, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced the state is suspending all ice hockey activities for the next two weeks. PPE Manufacturers have been working 24/7 to keep up with the exceedingly high demand and attempt to distribute the limited supply to frontline workers, schools, and the public in New England and across the United States.

“Massachusetts and New England needed a local dedicated, commercial-scale premier manufacturer that could produce quality and economical advanced hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and surface disinfectant spray that are safe enough to protect children and effective enough to support frontline healthcare workers and folks today and for years to come,” said Jeffrey Beeny, CEO Gloucester Bio.

Gloucester Bio is an FDA Registered, Certified OTC Drug Manufacturer of advanced hand sanitizer made with 100% plant-based ingredients, all sourced within the USA and 99.9% effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and germs. Their products keep your hands healthy and soft by using the safest, most effective active ingredient against COVID, 70% ethyl alcohol, while adding lemon essential oils for 50% more moisturizers. Gloucester Bio chemists test every batch of advanced hand sanitizer in their on-site Quality Control Product Safety Lab. Their proprietary formula and liquid spray format provides twice the applications of advanced hand sanitizer compared to standard plastic gel-based hand sanitizer, while eliminating all plastic additives.

In early June, Gloucester Bio reached out to Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and created a strategic partnership to allow kids across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to safely play soccer this Fall in their towns using advanced hand sanitizer provided by Gloucester Bio.

Gloucester Bio has three key business advantages for growing a successful hand sanitizer company in New England: 1) local people experienced in the Chemicals manufacturing, especially handling flammable liquids, 2) significant investments in automated industrial equipment, and 3) long-standing direct relationships with producers of ethanol and essential oils in the Midwest, plus manufacturers of wipes, bottles and dispensers.

Through September, Gloucester Bio has provided over 150 Massachusetts Town Youth Soccer Programs with over $40,000 of discounts on its advanced hand sanitizer products, in order to help the Town Youth Soccer organizations prepare for and support over 100,000 children to safely play soccer this Fall. All New England Youth Sports Programs, Schools and/or Towns are encouraged to reach out directly to the Gloucester Bio Sales team, in order to receive discounted pricing, please email sales@gloucesterbio.com.

To meet the rapidly growing market demand, Gloucester Bio – New England’s premier hand sanitizer manufacturer continues to add to their capacity and capabilities to scale its operations to produce over 10,000 gallons of hand sanitizer per day for personal, commercial, and healthcare applications.

Currently, the company offers advanced hand sanitizer in spray bottles ranging from 4 ounces to one gallon, with dispensing products upon request. While the company can ship to anywhere within the United States, Gloucester Bio is focused on delivering advanced hand sanitizer to customers in Massachusetts and across New England.

"We have invested over $1 million into our facility and capital equipment, as well as toward hiring new employees locally in Gloucester for our expansion and operations going forward," said David Anderson, President Gloucester Bio. "Our facility provides us over 16,000-square feet of manufacturing space with room to expand to over 25,000 square feet with new industrial mixers, automated bottling lines, and ethanol storage."

Unlike other businesses that have only temporarily switched to producing hand sanitizer, Gloucester Bio is committed to the long-term manufacturing of its advanced hand sanitizer product. Leading medical experts at the CDC and NIH have stated that hand-washing and hand sanitizer use will be crucial hygiene practices for infection prevention this Fall, Winter and for the foreseeable future. Gloucester Bio is proud and dedicated to producing the safest, most effective, and economical advanced hand sanitizer in New England, by New England, for New England to be Wicked CleanTM for years to come.

About Gloucester Bio – Wicked CleanTM

After launching in 2015 from Innovation Park at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, as Tekkware, Inc.; the company moved its operations in 2018 to a cleantech/biotech incubator in Beverly, Massachusetts called North Shore InnoVentures. In 2020, Gloucester Bio was formed to launch New England’s premier hand sanitizer manufacturer in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Gloucester Bio’s mission is to provide customers with the safest, high quality and advanced hand sanitizer to keep people healthier, cleaner, and safer.

To learn more, please visit: www.gloucesterbio.com/ and follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

For more information about pricing, availability, and ordering, please contact: sales@gloucesterbio.com.


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