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Benchmark Resiliency Spotlights – Piaggio Fast Forward

Building Innovative, Vibrant Communities During COVID-19 – Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF)

As the state and local economy is working to safely reopen, Piaggio Fast Forward’s employees are returning back to work and its factory has resumed production of the gita robot, fulfilling customer orders every day. With its headquarters in Charlestown, Massachusetts, Piaggio Fast Forward creates lightweight, intelligent mobility solutions for people and goods.

With the mission to build technology products that move the way people move, the Boston-based technology company has continued to design, test, innovate and serve customers successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic. PFF will continue to adapt its business operations in order to maintain momentum and continue the assembly and production of the gita robot for safe use outdoors.

With many major cities like Boston planning to repurpose streets for pedestrians, PFF has been working to build products to enhance the mobility of pedestrians and encourage an active lifestyle for anyone who seeks to move with efficiency and ease. The gita robot enables people to walk further, faster and more frequently in their neighborhoods by following their movement and carrying up to 40 pounds of belongings, whether it is their backpack, valuables, or groceries, With its sleek, compact design, the gita has the ability to sense its surrounding environment and pair with its owner – allowing the gita to sync with its owner’s pace instantly and follow behind up to six miles per hour.

“The gita robot supports local pedestrian trips to neighborhood shops as an alternative to delivery and big-box shopping by car and ride hailing," said Greg Lynn, CEO and Co-Founder at PFF. “From students to working professionals, new parents to grandparents, gita empowers people of all ages to more actively enjoy their surroundings, and to interact with their communities in a more meaningful way.”

Following public health guidelines and safety protocols, the gita robot is ready to return to the streets as pedestrians begin to return to the sidewalks, parks, campuses, and workplaces in their communities.

In addition to its Charlestown headquarters, PFF opened a second assembly and production space in 2019, leading to the creation of local jobs and resulting in gitas rolling off the assembly line with the tag: “Designed, and Assembled in Boston, U.S.A.” – further solidifying Boston as one of the leading robotics tech hubs in the world. PFF will continue to design and build the gita robot for safe use outdoors as people return to dining and shopping at local businesses. Learn more about the gita robot at www.mygita.com, or follow along on Twitter at @gitarobot.

About Piaggio Fast Forward

Founded in 2015 by The Piaggio Group, the Italian manufacturer behind the iconic Vespa, Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) is a Boston, MA based robotics company revolutionizing active mobility with lightweight, intelligent solutions that help people move more easily, more often, and more enjoyably. Their mission is to build technology that enables Autonomy for Humans™.

In 2019, PFF brought their first product to market, the gita robot: the first-of-its-kind consumer robot that follows people on the go, carrying up to 40 pounds of their belongings. For more information, visit www.mygita.com , or follow Piaggio Fast Forward on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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