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The Importance of Alcohol Monitoring and Smartphone-Based Supervision While Social Distancing –SCRAM Systems

Faced with crisis and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, SCRAM Systems® – the world’s leading provider of electronic monitoring and software solutions for the criminal justice industry – stepped up to support their partners in the field. The company focused on providing guidance on how alcohol monitoring tools could be used to keep clients sober and accountable while social distancing, in particular with the SCRAM TouchPoint™ mobile client engagement app.

The months of quarantine and social distancing that resulted from the global COVID-19 crisis had profound impacts on courts and the criminal justice market. SCRAM Systems hosted webinars to provide guidance on how continuous alcohol monitoring provides a consistent, reliable, and scientifically proven solution to these challenges. These webinars were designed to create a better understanding of how transdermal alcohol monitoring technology can be used to address alcohol-related offenses such as driving under the influence or domestic violence, particularly during this challenging time.

When COVID-19 hit, treatment court participants also received support from the SCRAM TouchPoint Mobile Client Engagement app. TouchPoint is a tool designed to improve officer efficiency and support client engagement and compliance by streamlining interactions and communications through clients’ mobile devices. It enables secure, real-time messaging, critical check-in capabilities , and a variety of electronic monitoring reminders. With the ability to download the mobile app directly onto their personal smartphone, participants were able to have safe, socially distant, and meaningful interactions with their court liaisons and treatment providers.

In addition, SCRAM TouchPoint enabled clients to perform remote check-ins, which typically included a simple list of questions to ensure that they are meeting their supervision requirements. When AA/NA meetings and support groups suddenly became virtual, the TouchPoint app also allowed clients to photograph and upload proof of attendance directly to their supervisor, thereby eliminating gaps in accountability. As a result, SCRAM TouchPoint provided participants with the ability to be accountable and compliant with court orders, while focusing on their safety and sobriety during social distancing.

About SCRAM Systems

At SCRAM Systems, we have been re-engineering community corrections operations since our inception. We provide an integrated approach to supporting our customers by offering solutions specific to court and agency needs throughout all phases of client management. From our world-renowned alcohol monitoring products to our groundbreaking evidence-based practice implementation software, each of our products is backed by the strong reputation and quality that comes with the SCRAM Systems brand.

Our flagship product, SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®), was created to provide community corrections agencies with a more effective tool to supervise alcohol-involved offenders. Launched to market in 2003, SCRAM CAM has become the most widely used and trusted transdermal alcohol monitoring device in the world.

Based on this success and in response to requests from our customers and needs in the criminal justice market, in 2013 we launched our full suite of monitoring hardware and subsequently rebranded from Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) to SCRAM Systems®. With the addition of technologies such as SCRAM Nexus® and SCRAM TouchPoint™ to our suite of hardware products, we provide the best, most comprehensive and unparalleled solution portfolio on the market. For more information, visit: www.scramsystems.com and follow SCRAM’s latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About SCRAM TouchPoint

The SCRAM TouchPoint mobile app enhances communication between clients and officers while making community corrections programs more efficient. With secure and stored messaging, configurable mobile phone check-ins, and automated electronic monitoring reminders, SCRAM TouchPoint increases compliance by helping low- to high-risk clients successfully complete the terms of their supervision.

TouchPoint works with an agency’s existing SCRAM electronic monitoring caseload and data from the app integrates seamlessly with our software solutions to help enhance supervision and save officers time on client engagement tasks. TouchPoint can also be used as a standalone monitoring and engagement tool in probation, pretrial, and parole departments. Learn more at: www.scramsystems.com/monitoring/scram-touchpoint/.


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