• Nicole Herendeen

Benchmark Strategies Plans Launch of Supplier Diversity Program Under the Leadership of Sarah Hong

Updated: May 3, 2021

Benchmark Strategies is proud to announce plans to launch the company Supplier Diversity

Purchasing Program to expand contracting opportunities. Benchmark Strategies will be focused on new goals in contracting in its purchasing from women and minority owned business. This important program will only assist Benchmark Strategies as business to build and grow as a firm and support its clientele.

The Benchmark Strategies Supplier Diversity Purchasing Program will be led by Operations Manager, Sarah Hong. In her current role as Operations Manager, Sarah focuses on operational systems, processes, and helps support the team to meet all goals set by clients. Since joining Benchmark in Fall 2020, Sarah has supported the team operationally for projects involved in transportation, real estate development, and public relations marketing while also being lead for compliance and administration.

About Benchmark Strategies

Benchmark Strategies provides expertise and execution for its clients. From public sector business development to state and municipal public affairs to economic development consulting, we have the relationships and acumen to help our clients achieve their objectives.

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