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Benchmark Strategies Senior VP Running London Marathon in Push to Run All 6 World Marathon Majors

(Boston, Mass.) - Benchmark Strategies Senior Vice President Joseph Rull will run the London Marathon this Sunday, October 3.

Rull is running to raise money for the Herren Project.

"The Herren Project has been there to support addiction recovery services. They are an incredible team that helps addicts and families support, recover, and overcome. I am grateful for the opportunity to run the streets of London #TogetherWeRun," he explained.

The pandemic shifted his focus to training around his home in Norwell.

He explained, "The uncertainty of the pandemic was an added challenge to training. I had four marathons canceled in 2020, so I had more time to train, but many times we're unsure what race I was training for."

After London, Rull will have completed three of the six World Marathon Majors. He has already run Boston and Chicago and is striving to complete all six.

Less than 4,000 people in the world have accomplished that feat. Rull has been accepted to all the remaining races. The Tokyo Marathon was postponed, and the Berlin Marathon scaled back to cut out charity runners. He plans to run New York City in November.

Donations to support his team can be made here:


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