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At Benchmark, we have one of the most sophisticated real estate teams in the region, bringing decades of public and private sector experience to our clients.


Our team has worked on more than $50 billion in commercial development projects throughout the country.

Benchmark Real Estate Experts

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Susan Elsbree, SVP of Public Relations

Real estate development communications


Joe Rull, SVP of Public Affairs

Real estate development zoning and permitting


Jessica Morris, AVP of Public Affairs

Environmental building standards

We have experts that can guide you through every step of the development process, from the infancy stages to project launch and occupancy. We can help form a diverse team of professionals that reflect the communities in which you seek to build.


Benchmark Strategies will guide you through the permitting process; our community relations specialists are experts in messaging, driving civic engagement, and responding to news or opposition, especially during contentious development or planning projects. Combating misinformation and communicating directly to targeted audiences, is paramount for success and will help clients achieve their business objectives.


The regulatory environmental standards are constantly changing and with that comes challenges to developers, investors, architects and brokers. However with our deep understanding of the landscape, we can provide the technical tools and resources to ensure a smooth transition to lowering carbon emissions and meeting reporting deadlines. The Benchmark team has expertise and direct experience in developing the City of Boston’s BERDO 2.0 building standards.

We’re ready to put our expertise to work for you.  

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