Shelly Andres
Public Relations Associate

Shelly brings nearly a decade of newsroom experience to the table. She has worked in three different markets, including Washington, DC, and Boston. She is skilled in every aspect of a local newsroom and has two Emmy nominations to show for it. Shelly is a skilled video editor and interviewer. She also commands and controls the chaos of a major-market newsroom.

She has been a key player in many breaking news stories, including Charlottesville, the Senate Softball Game Shooting, and all things pertaining to the COVID19 pandemic.

Shelly hails from Richmond, VA, but after living in Boston for five years, she is an honorary Bostonian.

She received her Mass Communications degree from the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University (Go Rams!) with a minor in History, specializing in British History and African Studies.

Shelly has a passion for politics as well as art and sports. She and her son live in the Boston Metro area.